The Center Contains A Vortex

Changing A Wave's Kinetic Energy To Mechanical Energy By Means Of A Vortex:



is a natural swirling motion in any fluid such as water or air. In water, it is often called a whirlpool. In air, it is called a tornado. A true vortex is very efficient as an energy storage device. Viscous losses are minimal, its spin persists for some time. A vortex is, in a real sense, a fluid flywheel.

Dam-Atoll, Vortex, Guide Vanes:

The design of Dam-Atoll features a vertical cylindrical chamber at its center that facilitates the formation of this fluid flywheel. We've seen how the optimal shape of the atoll delivers approaching waves in a spiral path towards the center of the atoll, where the waves progressively break. A set of guide vanes at the top of Dam-Atoll's submerged dome directs each breaking wave into the vertical central vessel tangentially, resulting in a powerful whirlpool. Any wheel or array of paddles, any propeller or paddle-wheel in this whirlpool will be forced to spin at the same rate as the whirlpool. By attaching the paddles to a shaft, you will enable the shaft to deliver mechanical power, for example to an electrical generator. This, in sum, is how Dam-Atoll works.

Smoothing Out The Succession Of Wave Pulses:

Each successive turning vane delivers its flow contribution in succession. This serves to smooth out the individual pulses of wave energy, much as a radial aircraft engine smooths out individual cylinder pulses. By the time the last portion of a wave enters the rear guide vanes, a new wave is just entering the first set of guide vanes. This smooth action is most clearly seen in the slow motion portion of the video focussed on the waves entering the turning vanes. (next)

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Worst Pun Of The Year Every Year

Best And Most Concise Description Of Dam-Atoll

The damndest thing that ever came out of an acoustics lab

Fermat's Principle

The Patent for Dam-Atoll is now in the public domain

The Name Dam-Atoll Tells How It Extracts Ocean Wave Energy

Dam-Atoll An Amalgam Of the Concepts Dam And Atoll

Dams And Kinetic, Potential, and Mechanical Energy

River As Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy Transformed To Potential Energy

Potential Energy Transformed Back To Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy Turned Into Mechanical Energy

An Atoll Bends And Refracts The Approaching Wave

Wave Velocity

Wave Refraction

When the submerged atoll is dome-shaped, it refracts the wave path to its center

The exact shape of the atoll's dome is critical

the atoll acts as a kind of lense concentrating the wave energy

A Wave's Potential Energy Gets Changed To Kinetic Energy By An Atoll

A wave is nothing but energy

Waves And Potential And Kinetic Energy

A deep-water ocean wave is always half potential and half kinetic energy

Wave is all kinetic energy when it breaks on the center of the atoll

Changing A Wave's Kinetic Energy To Mechanical Energy By Means Of A Vortex


Vortex is a fluid flywheel

Dam-Atoll, Vortex, Guide Vanes

This in sum is how Dam-Atoll works

Smoothing out the succession of wave pulses

Advantages Over The Other Ocean Wave Energy Extraction Devices

Dam-Atoll has only one moving part

Thus Dam-Atoll loses no energy in monkey motion

Monkey motion

Competing Ocean Wave Energy Extraction Devices are monkey motion machines

Energy Efficiency

Diffuser Important To Energy Efficiency

Mathematically Optimal Shape Of Dome Crucial To Energy Efficiency

A Future So Bright For Ocean Systems You Will Need Sunglasses

The Patent for Dam-Atoll is now in the public domain

The Opportunity

Leslie Wirt is available for lectures

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Video of working scale model of Dam-Atoll

Dam-Atoll Patent

Michael McCormick's Comments On Dam-Atoll

John Isaac's Comments On Dam-Atoll

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Excerpts From Scattering And Absorption Of Surface Waves By Arthur's Island

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